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Hoegaarden Grand Cru
Brewery : Hoegaarden Brewery
Volume : 33cl
Alcohol Content (ABV) : 8.5%
Fermentation : Refermentation in the bottle
Colour : Blond beer
Name : Hoegaarden Grand Cru Beer Glass
Brewery : AB Inbev brewery
Volume : 33cl
Some of my beers : Hoegaarden Grand Cru
€ 1,87/bottle
€ 1.89 / Bottle
Hoegaarden Grand Cru Beer Discount
Plastic crate not included
You save : More than 10%
Brewery : AB Inbev brewery (Hoegaarden
Number of products : 24 bottles
Colour of this beer : Blond
Alcohol Content (ABV) : 8.5%

Hoegaarden grand cru

This Belgian beer is still brewed in the Hermitage in Hoegaarden. As was also in this beer malt, hop and wheat merged successful in most of the beers. What makes the beer somewhat special is the use of dried orange peel.

What do you remember about Hoegaarden Grand Cru?

This fermented beer is both popular and gourmet beer as refreshing as grand cru on a summer day. We recommend using a matching tulip glass to complete the experience, and to take full develop the flavors. Please note that you pour it gently to avoid foam.

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