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St Bernardus Weihnachtsbier 33Cl

St Bernardus Weihnachtsbier 33Cl

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St Bernardus Christmas 33Cl
Brewery : St Bernardus Brewery
Volume : 33Cl
Alcohol : 10%
Fermentation : Top Fermentation
Colour : Brown Lesen Sie mehr..

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Product Description


St Bernardus Christmas

  • Brewery : St Bernardus Brewery
  • Volume : 33Cl
  • Alcohol : 10%
  • Fermentation : Top Fermentation
  • Colour : Braun

Mehr über dieses St Bernardus Christmas

This winter beer with spicy aromas is deep dark with a full fruity taste. Aniseed notes are complemented by a touch of creamy caramel and roasted chestnut. A sublime aftertaste of dried fruit and chocolate.

In the early 1900s, the Trappists fled from the Catsberg (Mont des Cats) to Watou. They moved into farm 'Patershof' (also known as 'Courtewyle'), a stone's throw from the current brewery. The farm was renamed 'Réfuge de Notre Dame de St.Bernard'. Réfuge is therefore the French word for a place of refuge. The reason for their move? In France they had to pay taxes on their revenues, while this was not yet the case in Belgium. The clergy will make cheese there.

Between 1930 and 1934, attitudes toward the clergy improved in France. The Fathers of Mont Des Cats decided to withdraw their activities from Belgium and return to France. The cheese factory was taken over by Evariste Deconinck. The Réfuge was later sold to the OCMW of Bruges.
Between 1934 and 1946, Deconinck continued to build the cheese factory from the current guesthouse 'Brouwershuis' on the Trappistenweg. The cheese was sold under the brand name 'St.Bernard Watou' and 'Port Salut de Watou'.
Shortly after the Second World War, Evariste Deconinck was asked by the Trappists of Westvleteren to commercialize and brew their Trappist beers under license. The original license agreement was signed for a period of 30 years. The brewmaster Mathieu Szafranski (of Polish origin) moved with him and, in addition to the know-how, also brought the recipes and the famous St.Sixtus yeast. A new brewery was built next to the cheese dairy. In 1959 the cheese dairy was sold, or at least the installation and the brand name were left to the St.Bertinus dairy in Poperinge, later to become part of the Elvapo group. In 1986, Belgomilk took over these activities. In the early 1960s, Bernadette Deconinck's husband (daughter of Evariste), Guy Claus, joined the brewery and renegotiated with Westvleteren Abbey to renew the license agreement. This happened in 1962 for another 30-year period, so until 1992.The agreement came to an end in 1992 because the Trappist breweries had decided to only award the qualification "Authentic Trappist Beer" to beers brewed within the walls of the abbeys. From then on, the beers were sold under the brand name 'St.Bernardus'. Furthermore, this period was mainly one of uncertainty and a rather difficult search to make a good restart of the brewery under the new brand name.
In 1998, Hans Depypere took over the brewery. Slowly but steadily, Hans put the brewery back on track. Under his leadership, the brewery evolved in twenty years from a few thousand hectoliters to approximately 40,000 hectoliters of sales (2017). A lot of investments were required for this, with the provisional end point being the opening of a completely new wing in 2018, with space for extra warehouses, a new brewery shop, party, conference and seminar rooms, new reception area for brewery tours and, last but not least, to top it all off, an impressive 360° rooftop bar annex tasting room, with the euphonious name 'Bar Bernard'.

Wir empfehlen einem passenden Glas fuer Bier. Darueber hinaus bietet unser Geschäft auch ähnliche Bier Geschenke, Fasser, Gadgets und natuerlich unsere Bier boxen.

St Bernardus Christmas ist auch passend beim Essen, im Speziellen während der Weihnachtszeit. Neben St Bernardus Christmas Belgian Beer Factory hat noch 1400 sorten belgisches Bier und ähnliche Erzeugnisse.

Belgian Beer Factory schickt schon mehr als 8 Jahren der Pakete fuer die Nutzer in ganz Europa. Hier achten wir auf eine breite Palette von Produkten, niedrige Preise und niedrige Versandkosten. Dies gilt auch fur dieses Produkt.

Zum Wohl! Und wir wunschen Ihnen viel Vergnuegen mit St Bernardus Christmas



St Bernardus Weihnachtsbier 33Cl

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St Bernardus Christmas 33Cl
Brewery : St Bernardus Brewery
Volume : 33Cl
Alcohol : 10%

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