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Sterkens Brauerei

As you can see throughout our shop, we have a very close cooperation with Sterkens Brewery from Meer, Belgium. Brouwerij Sterkens has a particularly rich and very tasteful history. In 1651, the Sterkens family began to brew their own beer out of interest. In that time, they were local farmers with small amount of money to brew some quantities. As they were brewing, they wrote down every single detail of the recipes they made and the way they produced the beer. These notes were given from father to son, for generations on. When the family noticed that brewing beer gradually got more priority than working on the farm, they chose to professionalize the brewery and to fill out more quality beers. 

The delicious and spicy St. Sebastiaan and St. Paul beers were well appreciated in Belgium, what led to the fact that Brouwerij Sterkens was one of the first breweries who went abroad for exportation. Meanwhile, other new beers were produced in Meer and the Hoogstraten Poorter and Bokrijks slowly began to sell.

The current 14th generation of Brouwerij Sterkens have ensured that the beers of Sterkens are appreciated in more than 30 countries on all 5 continents. The Sterkens family is looking to the near future with a lot of enthousiasm and confidence, without forgetting the past. After all, Brouwerij Sterkens is still bottling their beers in distinctive and exceptional packaging. The Hoogstraten Poorter, Bokrijks, St. Sebastiaan and St. Pauls beers give the brewery its unique image.

Brouwerij Sterkens still remains to brew traditional and characteristic abbey beers for all you beer lovers around the globe. We still do that with great passion and skill.

Short overview of their beers :

  • St Paul beers
  • St Sebastiaan beers
  • Bokrijks Kruikenbier
  • Hoogstraten Poorter

If you are interested in importing these beers, please feel free to contact us by mail at :

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