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Brauerei: De Ranke
Volumen: 75cl
Alkoholgehalt (ABV): 6%
Farbe: Blond bier

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De Ranke Hop Harvest Bier

  • Brauerei: De Ranke
  • Volumen: 75cl
  • Alkoholgehalt (ABV): 6%
  • Farbe: Blond bier

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The De Ranke brewery created this wonderful brew and proudly presents this product at our online store. De Ranke Hop Harvest  is blond coloured and has quite a full and creamy head. This glorious craft beer has a beautiful body and a wonderful aroma.

Our web shop, Belgian Beer Factory, also offers a matching glass, together with all sorts of related products. Such as gifts, kegs, gadgets and accessories and our box deals of course. By the way, De Ranke Hop Harvest  is also quite popular for food pairing and recipes can be found on their official website or on our web shop. Did you know that this brew is also popular during fall and Christmas. 

Interested in importing this beer? We also handle mixed pallet orders and multiple container shipments. Feel free to contact us at

Cheers and enjoy your  De Ranke Hop Harvest 

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