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Brugse Zot Sportzot  33Cl

Brugse Zot Sportzot 33Cl

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Brugse Zot Sportzot 33Cl
Brewery : De Halve Maan Brewery
Volume : 33Cl
Alcohol Content (ABV) : 0.0%
Fermentation : Top Fermentation
Colour : Blond Lire plus..

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Product Description


Brugse Zot Sportzot

  • Brewery : De Halve Maan
  • Volume : 33Cl
  • Alcohol : 0.4%
  • Fermentation : Top Fermentation
  • Colour : Blond

More about Brugse Zot Sportzot

Golden color with slowly shrinking frothy white head. Aroma of citrus, leather. Taste: Sweet start with a slightly bitter/sour mouthfeel. Naturally dealcoholized.

De Halve Maan Brewery is located in the heart of Bruges, home to beer brands such as Brugse Zot, Straffe hendrik and Blanches De Bruges. This is the story of a Bruges brewing family that has always believed in authentic Bruges beer.
Many beers have been reviewed over the years. There was blonde, brown, sometimes a bit more hoppy or a bit sweeter, but the concern for a fair quality product remained the main thing. The 6 generations of the family had to adapt to the changing demand of the consumer. From that concern to maintain family traditions, but also to modernize the brewery, a strong individuality grew that makes the strength of our brewery.
We have been brewing unique beers in our brewery on Walplein since the 19th century. The art of brewing has been passed down from generation to generation and with Xavier Vanneste as the sixth generation at the helm, the traditions are upheld. centuries of innovation. Now De Halve Maan is the last authentic family brewery in the historic center of Bruges and we can look back on a rich history.

Our web shop, Belgian Beer Factory, also offers a matching glass, together with all sorts of related products. Such as gifts, kegs, gadgets and accessories and our box deals of course.

Brugse Zot Sportzot is also quite popular for food pairing. Did you know that this brew is also popular during fall and Christmas. In addition to Brugse Zot Sportzot , Belgian Beer Factory offers 1400 Belgian beers and similar products.

Belgian Beer Factory has been sending packages to end consumers all over Europe for more than 8 years. We pay a lot of attention to a wide range, low prices and low shipping costs. This also applies to this product.

Cheers and enjoy your Brugse Zot Sportzot


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Brugse Zot Sportzot 33Cl

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Brugse Zot Sportzot 33Cl
Brewery : De Halve Maan Brewery
Volume : 33Cl
Alcohol Content (ABV) : 0..

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