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Duvel 666 33Cl

Duvel 666 33Cl

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Duvel 666 33Cl
Brewery : Duvel Moortgat
Volume : 33Cl
Alcohol : 6.66%
Fermentation : Top Fermentation
Colour : Blond Lire plus..

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Product Description


Duvel 666

  • Brewery : Duvel Moortgat
  • Volume : 33Cl
  • Alcohol : 6.66%
  • Fermentation : Top Fermentation
  • Colour : Blond

More about Duvel 666

Duvel 6.66% is an accessible beer with a typical Duvel punch. Heavenly soft taste, slightly aromatic
and refreshingly fruity due to the use of the most refined hops.

The Story of Duvel-Moortgat goes back to 1871, where Jan-Leonard Moortgat, a descendant of a brewing family from Steenhuffel, stands together with his wife Maria De Block at the cradle of the then Moortgat farm brewery. In the early years, Jan-Leonard tries to sell a series of top-fermentation beers such as Stavelot. With varying degrees of success. Over time, Jan-Leonard manages to build up a loyal customer base, not only in the Breendonk area, but even among the Brussels bourgeoisie. In 1900, sons Albert and Victor joined the business. The tasks are neatly divided: Albert becomes the brewer, Victor takes care of the delivery to Brussels by horse and cart.

The First World War brings Belgium into contact with English Ales. Albert decides to design a specialty beer based on the English model. He only wants to work with the best ingredients for this and goes to Scotland in search of the ideal yeast strain. He initially encounters a lot of opposition from the local brewers, but eventually gets his hands on a sample from a local brewery in Scotland. Cultivated yeast from the same strain is still used to this day!
The 2 brothers keep experimenting until the recipe is perfect.
The new beer was originally named "Victory Ale" thanks to the end of the World War.
This innovative beer really surprises everyone. During a tasting session with the notables of the village, the shoemaker exclaims: “This is a real Duvel.” A divine inspiration? From 1923, the beer was therefore marketed under the name DUVEL, which was not evident in Catholic Flanders at the time.

The third Moortgat generation is convinced that a unique beer also deserves a unique glass. At the end of the 1960s, the well-known Duvel glass, which is reminiscent of a wine tasting glass, was invented. Among other things, it had to allow a bottle of 33cl to be poured completely. After all, there were no beer glasses of such size until then. The glass is fully geared to an even more complete experience of the beer: The convex shape allows the heavenly taste and aroma of Duvel to come into its own during a tasting. Because the glass closes upwards, it also contributes to the retention of carbon dioxide and therefore of the head.

The Moortgat family consistently invests in the brewery to guarantee the perfect quality of the beer. Partly because of this, Duvel is receiving worldwide recognition as the reference for specialty beer with refermentation in the bottle.
At the end of the 1990s, the fourth generation takes the helm and resolutely opts for an international course.

Duvel production started in 1923 with only a few crates. Today literally worldwide (in more than 60 countries) countless beer lovers enjoy Duvel. The beer is still brewed with deep respect for the original recipe and maturation periods.

Our web shop, Belgian Beer Factory, also offers a matching glass, together with all sorts of related products. Such as gifts, kegs, gadgets and accessories and our box deals of course.

Duvel 666 is also quite popular for food pairing. Did you know that this brew is also popular during fall and Christmas. In addition to Duvel 666, Belgian Beer Factory offers 1400 Belgian beers and similar products.

Belgian Beer Factory has been sending packages to end consumers all over Europe for more than 8 years. We pay a lot of attention to a wide range, low prices and low shipping costs. This also applies to this product.

Cheers and enjoy your Duvel 666


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Duvel 666 33Cl

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Duvel 666 33Cl
Brewery : Duvel Moortgat
Volume : 33Cl
Alcohol : 6.66%
Fermentation : Top Ferm..

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