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Invoice terms and Conditions

  1. Seeing the fact that Belgian Beer Factory BVBA mainly offers alcoholic products, you are obliged to be at least 18 years old, if your country allows 16 or 17 year old customers to drink alcoholic beverages, we will still not allow you to order at our store. You have to be at least 18 years old. If you are buying one of our alcoholic products intended to be given to someone else, regardless the purpose, both you and the recipient confirm to be of legal drinking age. Through the check-out process you will have to confirm your date of birth. This will determine whether or not you are allowed to order products at our store. This date of birth will be printed on the invoice. The transporter, be it a courier or any other sort of company, will ask for your date of birth when delivering the parcel. If the answer does not match the printed date, he / she will not deliver the parcel. If needed the transporter has the right to request for identification. If this request is not fulfilled, the transporting company has the right to cancel the actual shipping. We (Belgian Beer Factory BVBA) as well have the right to ask for identification at any time, in order to protect minors.
  2. We only ship beers to end-consumers in the following countries : BE, NL, DE, CH, IS and NO. If this parcel is to be seized by customs in another country, there has been a mistake or the parcel is in transit to one of these 6 countries. Therefore we refer to the delivery address on the front. When having questions, please feel free to contact us by mail : [email protected]
  3. Please note that for deliveries outside of the EU there may be custom charges, declaration costs or other taxes. All our product prices and shipping costs displayed on our shop include the required Belgian taxes. Belgian Beer Factory BVBA is not responsible for such extra charges or duties.
  4. Fiscal representation in the Netherlands
    - Our Dutch VAT number : NL825867332B01
  5. Fiscal representation in Germany
    IMPORTANT : German end consumers are charged with 1996 German VAT and not 2196 as mentioned on the front of this invoice.
    - Our German VAT number : DE32247250S / 42/678/33718
    - Our German excise number : V 32S5 B - B 3209
    - Fernverkauf an Privatkunden im Rahmen der Genehmigung des Versandhändlers via Maco Germany GmbH
  6. Fiscal Representation in France
    Eurofiscalis SAS – 630 Route des dolines – 065060 Valbonne
    N° SIREN : 834212904
    N° licence : FR020003V9200
    N° garantie bancaire : Acte cautionnement 3750;2020-2997
    Bureau de douanes : Direction Régionale des Douanes de Cannes – Jetée Albert Édouard – 06400 Cannes
  7. When the order arrives, it’s the customer’s responsibility to check if the order is complete and undamaged. If not, the customer is to indicate the damaged or incomplete goods on the delivery note, together with his signature within 14 days after the delivery. Thus the customer is able to ship the concerning order back, after which Belgian Beer Factory BVBA will reimburse the customer. Only damaged, non-expiring, incomplete or not personalized orders can be reimbursed by Belgian Beer Factory BVBA.
  8. Once the payment has been completed we will be able to ship your order. Therefore Belgian Beer Factory BVBA will never own beers outside the Belgian territory. Meaning that from the moment when the payment has been completed, the order is fully property of the customer. This makes the end-consumer the importing party instead of us, Belgian Beer Factory BVBA the exporting party. Belgian Beer Factory BVBA only owns beers located in Belgium. When you buy goods from foreign sources, you become the importer. And it is the importer - in this case, YOU - who is responsible for assuring that the goods comply with a variety of both state and federal government import regulations. Importing goods that are unsafe, that fail to meet health code requirements, or that violate quota restrictions could end up coating you quite a bit of money in fines and penalties. At the very least, such goods would be detained, and possibly destroyed, by CBP. (this is only the case for outside-EU shipments)
  9. On this invoice you can find all the needed info for all the needed declarations. If any further info is needed, we would gladly assist with this. Therefore we would like to ask you to contact us by mail.
  10. By visiting our websites, platforms, networks etc. or by placing an order you accept our terms and conditions. By doing so, you not only accept the terms and conditions, you also commit to respect them. These terms and conditions are drawn up by Belgian Beer Factory BVBA and Belgian Beer Factory BVBA is the only rightful party to change or add certain terms and conditions. Since these Terms and conditions are so important to protect both you and Belgian Beer Factory BVBA we will ask to accept these terms during the process of ordering.
  11. Belgian Beer Factory BVBA exclusively uses courier service companies for our deliveries and never mailing companies. If this parcel was to be seized by a mailing company, this is most likely by mistake. Hereby we oblige US Postal Laws.
  12. We refer to our Terms and Conditions :
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